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Platinum Sponsors

We are the platinum sponsors of the HESPA Conference 2020. The Higher Education Strategic Planners Association (HESPA) is the representative body for those working in strategy and planning in UK higher education. HESPA supports strategic planners at all stages in their career to network, discuss, improve and influence. It has continued to grow in size and standing as a higher education membership association, now a far reaching and influential organisation with excellent links to agencies and other sector bodies, as well as government representatives, media, think tanks and private business suppliers.

The HESPA Conference is a great opportunity to gather together data and planning directors within the UK to discuss best practices within the industry.

What are we presenting?

Student Number Planning and its wider impact on the institution

Student Number Planning is often the first thing Higher Education institutions have to deal with as it directly impacts their income and sustainability. While mandatory, this process is often a black box made up of manual, time consuming and error-prone activities.

Leveraging a self-service analytical approach, we’ll show how to bring together different stakeholders and quickly create student & income forecasts, enable what-if scenario planning and identify trends in a clearly documented, step-by-step, trusted and transparent way.

These outputs can then feed supporting analyses, such as Campus Utilisation or Time Tabling, Workload Modelling and Institutional KPIs, as well as impact League Tables, leading to better stakeholder engagement and buy-in to the strategic plan though a unified perspective.

Billigence’s UK Regional Director Michael Evans will be presenting together with Project Manager Michal Lichter.

What is the role of HESPA?

HESPA’s objectives are to:

  • Provide an active forum for strategic planners in higher education to network, discuss, improve and influence;
  • Be the primary organisation dedicated to supporting the professional development and career progression of those working in strategy and planning in UK higher education;
  • Represent a compelling and unified voice for members, while recognising their contrasting needs and ideas;
  • Influence and shape the future of higher education by challenging policy and promoting awareness and understanding of strategy and planning issues locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Establish new and improved ways of engaging stakeholders to benefit strategic planners, their wider connections and the sector overall;
  • Continually learn and seek out new knowledge and understanding, including that of operational best practice, to expand and improve that of our members.
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