Find, Understand & Trust Data with Collibra Webinar

Learn how to unite the entire organisation through data to unlock its full business potential.

About this Webinar

Aligning everyone in the organisation with accurate, trusted data is no longer a competitive advantage but rather a necessity. The ability to securely access required data sets in timely manner, allowing employees to make data-informed decisions is a crucial part of business operations of modern organisations.

Using Collibra, companies have the ability to unlock the value of entire organisation’s data across individuals, teams and systems in a business-friendly fashion.

In this webinar, we’ll show you a practical example of:

1) Someone looking for a subset of data available in a data lake

2) Ways how it can easily be accessed using Collibra

3) Options available how access to this data can be granted

4) Confidence in building reports using trusted data

This webinar is presented by Colin Zhang, Head of Operations, Billigence Singapore who’ll be joined by Michael Smith, Data Governance Consultant at Billigence Australia.

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