Data Governance meet-up (event)
Our 2nd meet-up is designed to explain what Data Governance is and what tools and techniques are available to organisations to implement it.

About this Event

Join us for the 2nd iteration of the Billigence Data Governance Meet-up, this time led by Graham Pearman, Principal Consultant Data Governance.

Graham will present the current thinking about Data Governance from the point of view of academics, industry leaders, practitioners and vendors, coupled with our own experience from various deployments.

Aside for usual Q&As throughout the meet-up, delegates will take part in interactive session, brainstorming about Opportunities & Challenges Data Governance brings. The findings will then be analysed and summarised into groups to provide a clearer picture of what the current situation is from the perspective of attendees.

We’ll also have a guest presenter talk about the main challenges with implementing Data Governance tools in organisations. Get excited as the guests name is to be provided soon!

We’ll finish up with a roundtable discussion whether these points match attendees personal experience and what tools, techniques and expertise we have available for combatting these challenges.

Closing networking session with snacks & drinks follows.

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