Collibra Protect for Snowflake | At a Glance

To produce trusted insights, data needs to be of high quality, stored securely and be managed by appropriate guardrails. So, how can this be achieved in complex architectures? You’ll need a strong data governance strategy, a safe place to store the data and high-quality solutions to execute.

Our trusted data governance partner, Collibra, took the above requirements into consideration and created a ground-breaking solution – Collibra Protect for Snowflake. Our mutual partner, Snowflake, provides the secure and scalable Data Cloud for data storage. Collibra Protect for Snowflake makes it easy to create policies and guardrails for your data, so you can ensure its secured and governed effectively, with ease, in the Data Cloud.

The problem Collibra Protect for Snowflake solves

Traditionally, Data Stewards have relied on Data Engineers, Architects and Admins to create the code-based policies they require. With the help of Collibra Protect for Snowflake’s no-code capabilities, Data Stewards have the power to manage data without the wait. This ground-breaking solution provides a significant reduction in bottlenecks and increases efficiency as the responsibility of policy execution can remain with the experts who create them.

For Data Stewards to say with confidence, “our data is secure.”, they need complete visibility into the policies governing their data. In cases of a breach or a possible security risk they need to be able to move quickly to rectify the issue to ensure the data remains safe. Collibra Protect for Snowflake provides this visibility giving Stewards the whole breadth of information they require, all in one place.

Data Stewards have increased visibility allowing them to identify sensitive data and who has access to it. Now with the ability to introduce policies quickly on their own, they can increase protection and security – strengthening the company’s overall Data Governance effectiveness.

What exactly is Collibra Protect for Snowflake?

Collibra Protect for Snowflake is a data access governance solution that allows users to create code-free policies for data stored in Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Automated Policy creation ensures sensitive data and PI is protected, instilling trust and confidence in the data and its security.

The solution provides consistent protection across your Snowflake-housed data and with the ability to see all your policies in one place, it’s easy to see why this will become the number one choice for the application of data protection. Within just a few clicks your data protocols and accessibility can be updated in their entirety providing the agility required by modern businesses.

Not sure where to start with Data Governance?

As Collibra partners, we have certified consultants with in-depth knowledge and expertise across a range of leading industries and disciplines. Our Data Governance services cater for a wide range and scale of requirements meaning we can help you, establish standards, define frameworks, deploy, maintain, and completely implement your required solutions. If your business is looking to improve its organisational data processes, get in touch below to see how we can help.