CDAO (Chief Data Analytics Officer) Brisbane

CDAO Brisbane is an event specifically tailored towards the Queensland market, aiming to bring together analytic leaders across a variety of sectors including finance, government, transport, utilities and healthcare. The event will address some of the major strategic issues experts are facing.

Billigence will be in attendance of this event, as we aim to share our expertise and professional experience within many different industries. This event will be a great opportunity to network with like-minded data enthusiasts and leaders. CDAO Brisbane will play host to over 30 different speakers and over 120 attendees over the two day event, covering a range of topics including:

Governance & Quality: Developing and embedding the right systems to enrich data and ensure quality to derive the most accurate insights

Privacy: Ensuring your customers’ data is fully protected

ROI: Actioning insights and focusing on the most profitable data, while designing the right KPIs and pinpointing metrics to drive business value

Operational Analytics: Increasing the efficiency and return on physical assets and infrastructure

Talent: Securing talent in the smaller Brisbane market, aligning skills and experience with your strategy and identifying what roles are needed to build the most effective team

Predictive & Advanced Analytics: Becoming proactive rather than reactive by harnessing advanced & predictive analytics, Machine Learning, and AI

To register for this event, please click here. Receive a 20% discount while registering, use the code: BIL20

To visit the official CDAO Brisbane website to find out more information (including the full 2 day agenda), please click here.