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Streamlining Data Science with Alteryx and Snowflake

Our second webinar of the month focuses on the benefits of using Alteryx & Snowflake together. While each of those technologies is a star in their own respective areas, the right kind of magic starts when they're used together. Supercharging your data science & machine learning efforts has never been easier! Join

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Introducing Collibra Webinar

Learn how streamlined business reporting on top of trusted data improves productivity, reduces costs and enables trusted decision making. About this Event Our first webinar of 2021 is here! And with it our introduction of Collibra, a solution that helps organisations enable trusted decision making by ensuring the clarity and consistency of business term

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Billigence Webinar – Hands on with Tableau

This month, we presented a Tableau Software Webinar, showing you hands-on examples of how to effectively set business rules to measure if you're achieving desired goals or milestones. Take Customer Care for example, and imagine you receive complaints every day. It's easy to set up visualisations to show that your company responds to 90%

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Tableau Visual Analytics – Dashboard Designing Principles

Delve into advanced dashboard designing principles through understanding of the design thinking, minimalism & gestalt principles. Continuing our Tableau Best Practices webinar series, this month's webinar will focus on advanced dashboard designing principles underpinning class-leading visual analytics. We'll follow-up where we left of last time, touching briefly on the topics of visual aesthetics and reading

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Alteryx – Clustering, Time Series & Linear Regression Webinar

Explore some of the advanced analytics & data science features available in Alteryx. About this Event Our latest webinar is all about the predictive modelling in Alteryx. This time, we'll focus on clustering, time series and linear regression examples using sample data. This 60 minutes webinar will cover high level concepts of those features,

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Alteryx Webinar – Digitisation of Finance Processes

In this webinar, you'll learn how you can use Alteryx to automate your financial reconciliation and reporting processes based on financial and non-financial data from different sources (including SAP), resulting into benefits of lower error rate and better efficiency. Presented by Tomas Frnka, Billigence VP for Europe & Michal Lichter, Senior Consultant & Project

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Higher Education Webinar – Campus Utilisation & Optimisation

In this campus utilisation webinar, we explore how utilising campus resources effectively helps Planning Directors save time, labour and money. And while they are currently faced with the task of maintaining uninterrupted education during uncertain times, it is also important to plan ahead and prepare for the future. Through using repeatable Alteryx workflows, with

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Data Governance Webinar – Tools & Techniques

On May 13th we hosted our 2nd iteration of the Billigence Data Governance Meet-up, this time in a virtual setting led by Graham Pearman, Principal Consultant Data Governance. Graham presented the current thinking about Data Governance from the point of view of academics, industry leaders, practitioners and vendors, coupled with our own experience from various

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Alteryx Higher Education Webinar – Campus Utilisation

THE CHALLENGE Higher education institutions have to maximise its usage of campus facilities. Given that the campus resources available are limited, it is vital that the university allocates the right amount of people for its rooms, lecture halls and facilities. This means that the institution must have every campus resource utilised as

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Tableau Webinar – From Data to Business Value Video

In this webinar, learn how to be confident that data insights are from "single sources of truth" with capabilities within Tableau that make the best data governance practices second nature to a business. Learn also how to access insights faster with automated delivery using Tableau's data alert functionality. Tableau is helping organisations

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