Billigence’s Michael Kapr, on ‘Unlocking the True Value of Data Science’ in The Australian Financial Review 

Billigence’s Co-Founder and CTO, Michael Kapr, was recently featured in The Australian Financial Review. This article explores the concept of unlocking the true value of data science – an increasingly important topic for businesses wishing to optimise their data capability.

For seven decades, The Australian Financial Review has tracked the booms and the disruptors to tell the story of the rise of modern Australia. Billigence is proud to announce our feature in the prestigious and well-respected publication. This article delves into Michael’s expert opinion on the power of the cloud in business intelligence. 

Data is one of a business’s most valuable assets, with vast amounts of data generated and gathered along the value chain. Despite this, most organisations only use a fraction of the data in their possession when they could become data-driven digital disruptors in their sectors instead. Billigence’s Michael Kapr speaks on a vital initiative for businesses striving to for faster performance, querying and scaling. 

‘‘By leveraging the cloud for their data analytics and business intelligence, businesses can focus their efforts on finding the value in the data, rather than focusing on managing the hardware and software which requires specialist in-house expertise.’’ – Michael Kapr 

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