This month, we presented a Tableau Software Webinar, showing you hands-on examples of how to effectively set business rules to measure if you’re achieving desired goals or milestones.

Take Customer Care for example, and imagine you receive complaints every day. It’s easy to set up visualisations to show that your company responds to 90% of all received complaints… The question is, what should the business do with this information? Given the information at hand, what actions should be taken?

Using a combination of parametersset filters and calculated fields, you can easily flag key areas that the business should focus on and prioritise. These actionable insights can be extremely valuable to a business in meeting regulatory requirements.

This webinar was be presented by Andy ChenBusiness Intelligence Consultant at Billigence.

If you’d like to familiarise yourself with the basics and benefits of Tableau parameters or learn about the impact of the upcoming Regulatory Guide (RG) 271 that outlines how should financial institutions deal with consumer or small business complaints (in effect on 5 October 2021), our latest webinar brings you just that. Enjoy and help us spread the word.