Billigence Awarded Snowflake Financial Services Competency Badge for Driving Innovation and Adoption in the Industry

Billigence recognised as a leading innovator in financial services cloud solutions that drive business value for joint customers.

Sydney, 1 February 2024 – Billigence today announced that it has been awarded the Snowflake Financial Services Competency badge for its outstanding implementations of the Snowflake Data Cloud. Billigence is extending the depth of its services offerings, unlocking new ways to transform the industry and accelerate data-driven outcomes for customers.   

Billigence and Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company, are collaborating on agile data initiatives to mobilise the world’s data with the Snowflake Data Cloud, helping joint customers to securely find and share their data whilst enabling compliance with the regulatory requirements.

With years of experience working with clients in the financial sector, Billigence has a proven track record of implementing cloud solutions that revolutionise the way their clients work with data. Their deep understanding of both the intricacies of compliance and regulations in the industry allow them to provide bespoke solutions that transform business outcomes.

“We take immense pride in our ability to deliver exceptional results when it comes to implementing Snowflake Data Cloud in financial services. Our proven track record speaks volumes about the value we bring to our clients, enabling them to harness the power of data to enhance customer experiences and drive operational efficiency,” said Jana Kapr, CEO, Billigence.

“Billigence’s support throughout our digitisation journey has been exceptional. Their deep understanding of Snowflake, Tableau and other cloud data analytics tools enabled them to deliver tailored solutions that streamlined our operations and improved data-driven decision-making. We are grateful for their partnership and the positive impact it has had on our organisation,” said Will Liang, Executive Director, MA Financial.

The Snowflake Partner Network Competency Program evaluates Snowflake partners based on customer references to understand the depth of their Snowflake expertise and commitment to driving customer impact across the Data Cloud ecosystem. Based on these references, Billigence has consistently proven that its expertise is a valuable asset to clients who require specialised knowledge of the finance sector. 

“Snowflake and Billigence’s partnership is reimagining what’s possible with data, helping joint customers to unlock a new era of insights and drive business success while maintaining security and governance standards,” said Rinesh Patel, Global Head of Financial Services, Snowflake. “Billigence’s Financial Services Competency badge is a testament to their expertise and continued innovation in the Data Cloud, further mobilising the world’s data to drive the future of financial services forward.”

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