Billigence to Sponsor the 2023 Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour

Sydney, 8 August 2023 – Billigence announced today that they are sponsoring the 2023 Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour. As a Snowflake Elite Partner in ANZ, Billigence is proud to provide the expertise needed for clients to succeed in their Data Cloud journeys.

The Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour is making 26 stops around the globe to share Snowflake’s latest innovations and most exciting customer use cases. The tour will share perspectives from fellow data, technology, and business leaders about how the Data Cloud breaks down silos, enables powerful and secure AI/ML, and delivers business value through data sharing and monetizing applications. Learn about the latest capabilities – including advancements with generative AI and LLMs, Apache Iceberg, and Snowpark – and discover the transformative use cases that will drive business forward.  

“Snowflake is one of our most important partners, we are thrilled to be part of this exciting global tour. We can’t wait to meet all new and existing clients face to face,” said Jana Kapr, Billigence Group CEO.

Billigence will be exhibiting at the Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Bangalore, London and Stockholm events, you can join them at the event by registering for free below.

Learn more about Billigence here and register to attend the 2023 Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour here


Date: 3 August 2023, 8:30AM (SGP)

Location: Raffles City Conventions Center

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Date: 10 August 2023, 8:00AM (AEDT)

Location: Hyatt Regency Sydney

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Date: 15 August 2023, 8:00AM (AEDT)

Location: Melbourne Convention Centre

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Date: 15 September 2023, 8:30AM (IST)

Location: Conrad Bengaluru

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Date: 10 October 2023, 8:30AM (BST)

Location: Excel London

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Date: 12 October 2023, 8:30AM (CEST)

Location: Avicii Arena

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