Billigence Releases Their First Tableau Accelerator

Billigence Releases Their First Tableau Accelerator

Sydney, 18 July 2022 – Billigence, as a Premier Reseller Partner in the Tableau Partner Network, is in continuous pursuit of providing their shared clientele with the latest and greatest visual analytics offerings. As such, Billigence has just released their first free Tableau Accelerator to the public.  

At their core, Accelerators fast-track time to value so businesses can see the art of the possible and make it their own by combining their data with pre-built offerings designed to get them started quickly. They are fully interactive and tell a comprehensive story specific to the audience it was designed for, meaning required data sets are realistic and the data strategy is easy to adapt to. 

Accelerators can be accessed through the Tableau Exchange, a one-stop shop for trusted offerings, to help you get to insights fast. They can be adopted with peace of mind that they have been built by Tableau’s trusted partner network.  

Billigence has released a Workforce Planning Accelerator geared towards Human Resource Leaders across any industry. This end-to-end dashboard helps users find important insights quickly including, employee ID, department, employment start/end and reporting dates. 

Aside from the Accelerators, Billigence can assist with many other Tableau-related activities including, but not limited to, licensing, user training, strategic and enablement sessions, Tableau Server Health Checks and Tableau Extensions. 

About Billigence

Billigence is a boutique data analytics consultancy with global outreach & clientele, transforming the way organisations work with data. We leverage proven, cutting-edge technologies to design, tailor and implement advanced Business Intelligence solutions with high added value across a wide range of applications from process digitization through Cloud Data Warehousing, Visualisation, Data Science or Data Governance. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia with offices around the world, we help clients navigate difficult business conditions, remove inefficiencies, and enable scalable adoption of analytics culture.
Visit Billigence’s website for more information.

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