Billigence Registered to Resell on Australian Government’s Software Marketing Place

Billigence Registered to Resell on Australian Government’s Software Marketplace

Sydney, 7 September 2022 – Billigence is now approved to resell and support the delivery of Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Software – Alteryx and Tableau, on the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA) Software Marketplace. The DTA Software Marketplace is for Public Sector agencies to advance their business intelligence and analytics capabilities with the help of approved resellers such as Billigence. 

The DTA aims to drive and secure the Australian Government’s investment in Australia’s digital future. Through their strategic and policy leadership advice the DTA has implemented an approved panel of sellers on a structured Software Marketplace that can benefit the overall digital transformation of the government.  

Federal government organisations can propel their digital efforts with the use of approved software on the Marketplaces. These organisations include universities and government-owned corporations and departments. 

Billigence understands collaboration and partnership are crucial to achieving long-term business goals and take pride in forming strong lasting partnerships with clients. As technology specialists, they associate themselves with the leading tools and technologies which are future proof, cloud based, and easy to use.  

Billigence can now assist in the selection and deployment of Alteryx and Tableau software in the public sector. These tools can be utilised to increase accuracy, productivity and quality of business intelligence and data activities within various types of organisations.  

“We are looking forward to working in partnership with DTA Software Market Place to promote leading vendor tools to the Federal Government agencies to underpin their data driven strategies and self-service capabilities. “ – Jana Kapr, Billigence Group CEO  

About Billigence 

Billigence is a boutique data analytics consultancy with global outreach & clientele, transforming the way organisations work with data. We leverage proven, cutting-edge technologies to design, tailor and implement advanced Business Intelligence solutions with high added value across a wide range of applications from process digitization through Cloud Data Warehousing, Visualisation, Data Science or Data Governance. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia with offices around the world, we help clients navigate difficult business conditions, remove inefficiencies, and enable scalable adoption of analytics culture. 

Visit Billigence’s website for more information. 

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