Billigence honoured as Regional Systems Integrator of the Year | EMEA, APAC 2024 by Collibra

In a prestigious accolade recognising excellence and innovation, Billigence secures the Regional Systems Integrator of the Year | EMEA, APAC 2024 award for outstanding contributions to Collibra solutions in EMEA and APAC regions.

Sydney, NSW. 9 April 2024 – In a remarkable acknowledgment of its superior expertise and innovative solutions in the data intelligence domain, Billigence has been named the Regional Systems Integrator of the Year | EMEA, APAC 2024 by Collibra. This esteemed award celebrates partners exemplifying the highest commitment to delivering innovative Collibra solutions, particularly in the EMEA and APAC regions.

This accolade underscores Billigence’s profound impact and mastery in implementing Collibra’s cutting-edge solutions, enabling transformative outcomes for clients across various industries and empowering customers to achieve extraordinary data governance transformations.

It is also a testament to Billigence’s dedication and transformative impact on Collibra’s customer landscape over the past year, marking a significant milestone in their partnership journey. Billigence’s achievement was announced at the Data Citizen’s 2024 conference, currently taking place in Orlando between 9-11 April.

“Receiving this award is not just an achievement for Billigence; it’s a celebration of the partnership and trust we and Collibra have built with our clients. It encourages us to keep innovating and delivering solutions that drive real business value in the ever-evolving data landscape.” said Jana Kapr, CEO, Billigence.

“Awarding Billigence as the Regional Systems Integrator of the Year | EMEA, APAC of the year 2024 highlights their exceptional ability to understand and implement data governance solutions that meet the complex needs of our clients. Their dedication to excellence has set a benchmark in the industry.” said Lamia Megdiche, SVP Partners and Alliances, Collibra.

“Billigence has been instrumental in our Collibra journey, demonstrating unparalleled expertise and commitment. Their innovative approach and dedication have significantly contributed to our data governance success.” said David Miller, Chief Data Officer, Macquarie University.

By achieving this prestigious recognition on top of the recently acquired Global Collibra Gold Partner and APAC Strategic Partner statuses, Billigence reaffirms its leadership in the field of data governance, marked by a steadfast commitment to innovation and excellence. These accolades are a testament to Billigence’s proficiency with Collibra technologies and their strategic vision in tackling the complexities of data management, thereby unlocking new possibilities for businesses worldwide.

About Billigence

Billigence is a global data and analytics consultancy transforming the way organisations work with data. They leverage cutting-edge technologies to design, tailor and implement advanced business intelligence solutions across a wide range of applications including, cloud data architecture and deployments, data governance, data science and ML ops, data visualisation and data analytics. Billigence has a proven track record of consistently producing exemplary results, taking the guesswork out of decision making and helping their clients to gain a competitive edge, no matter what industry they’re in.

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