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Tableau Visual Analytics – Dashboard Designing Principles

Delve into advanced dashboard designing principles through understanding of the design thinking, minimalism & gestalt principles. Continuing our Tableau Best Practices webinar series, this month's webinar will focus on advanced dashboard designing principles underpinning class-leading visual analytics. We'll follow-up where we left of last time, touching briefly on the topics of visual aesthetics and reading

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Alteryx – Clustering, Time Series & Linear Regression Webinar

Explore some of the advanced analytics & data science features available in Alteryx. About this Event Our latest webinar is all about the predictive modelling in Alteryx. This time, we'll focus on clustering, time series and linear regression examples using sample data. This 60 minutes webinar will cover high level concepts of those features,

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Alteryx Webinar – Digitisation of Finance Processes

In this webinar, you'll learn how you can use Alteryx to automate your financial reconciliation and reporting processes based on financial and non-financial data from different sources (including SAP), resulting into benefits of lower error rate and better efficiency. Presented by Tomas Frnka, Billigence VP for Europe & Michal Lichter, Senior Consultant & Project

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Higher Education Webinar – Campus Utilisation & Optimisation

In this campus utilisation webinar, we explore how utilising campus resources effectively helps Planning Directors save time, labour and money. And while they are currently faced with the task of maintaining uninterrupted education during uncertain times, it is also important to plan ahead and prepare for the future. Through using repeatable Alteryx workflows, with

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Data Governance Webinar – Tools & Techniques

On May 13th we hosted our 2nd iteration of the Billigence Data Governance Meet-up, this time in a virtual setting led by Graham Pearman, Principal Consultant Data Governance. Graham presented the current thinking about Data Governance from the point of view of academics, industry leaders, practitioners and vendors, coupled with our own experience from various

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CDAO Brisbane 2020

Be Inspired, Collaborate, Disrupt. Billigence is sponsoring 'Chief Data & Analytics Officer' (CDAO) Brisbane this year. CDAO Brisbane gathers together the region's leading data analytics professionals to drive and inspire your future strategy. Leading the data analytics division has never been easy, but now the challenge is on to remain ahead of the

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Alteryx Inspire APAC 2020

Billigence is attending Alteryx Inspire APAC 2020! As Alteryx partners, this year's annual user conference is an awesome opportunity to celebrate the game changing stories that educate leaders and motivate a community of Data Experts to shatter more barriers than ever before. Join us in Sydney to hear groundbreaking insights on the main

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Data Governance Meetup – Tools & Techniques

Our 2nd meet-up is designed to explain what Data Governance is and what tools and techniques are available to organisations to implement it. About this Event Join us for the 2nd iteration of the Billigence Data Governance Meet-up, this time led by Graham Pearman, Principal Consultant Data Governance. Graham will present the

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Is your organisation fit for data?

This is both a question that many organisations must face, and a challenge laid bare by the evident prominence of high-profile cases involving data breaches. According to the OAIC, there are approximately 250 breaches per quarter in Australia – a third of which are accountable to human error. Just this month,

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Data and Analytics Summit Melbourne 2020

We are attending the Data & Analytics Summit in Melbourne on March 18th. This event is designed for data & analytics leaders to join together and discuss how organisations can use their data more strategically to gain a competitive advantage. As businesses move towards digital transformation and disruption, it is vital that

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