Alteryx Snowflake Webinar Q3 2021 Blog Image

Analysing Semi-structured Data (JSON) in Snowflake & Alteryx

Learn about the different options of how to parse semi-structured data (JSON) using Snowflake and Alteryx

About this webinar

With the uptake of digital data channels in recent years, the demand for low maintenance processing of web / app data both in the cloud and on premise is on the rise. Focusing on JSON in particular, we look at the options of parsing semi-structured data using both Snowflake and Alteryx, exploring and comparing the capabilities of each solution.

In this webinar, Billigence BI Consultant Brandon Mercer covers the following topics:

1) How to query JSON in Snowflake

2) How to query JSON in Alteryx

3) How to best combine both tools

4) How to flatten the tables

5) Differences between schema on read vs. schema on write

and more.

Watch here!