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Explore some of the advanced analytics & data science features available in Alteryx.

About this Event

Our latest webinar is all about the predictive modelling in Alteryx. This time, we’ll focus on clustering, time series and linear regression examples using sample data. This 60 minutes webinar will cover high level concepts of those features, showcase how to use them within Alteryx and outline benefits these bring to the business.

Starting with clustering, we’ll explore the data-driven approach based on high number of dimensions, discussing optimal number of clusters, ideal distance within and between those and showcase outputs for business stakeholders, explaining how to read insights it gives us.

Next up will be time series, where we’ll briefly touch on the importance of this type of forecasting in the COVID-19 era. Exploring its components (trend, cyclical, seasonal, irregular), we’ll deep dive into both ARIMA and ETS techniques available and wrap-up with discussion about confidence levels, accuracy and periodicity options of time series.

Last but not least will be linear regression, where we’ll cover relationships between variables and identify the most relevant ones, describe the risks of both underfitting and overfitting and explore use-cases that require multiple independent variables.

We’ll wrap-up with the summary of discussed concepts, tying all of them together as one overall business process and provide tips & tricks how to best distribute insights throughout the organisation using Tableau / PowerBI or similar BI solutions.

This webinar’s presenters are Blake LamondData Science & Visualisation Practise Lead and Alexandre CarvalhoData Science & Machine Learning Consultant; both from Billigence.

As always, you’ll have a chance to ask questions related to webinar’s contents, usage of Alteryx in general or business challenge you’re facing.

Join us & invite friends and colleagues who might be interested too.

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