Billigence participated in Alteryx’s Data Analytics Revolution event in Singapore last week. The event involved insightful speeches from industry experts at Cloudera, Qlik, Honeywell and Alteryx. It was awesome to hear about industry trends in the analytics space, including discussions on how the digital transformation of data is impacting analysts and analytics organisations and the incorporation of AI and Machine Learning to build tangible business value.

There was also an outline of the Alteryx Roadmap, which outlines both the short-term and long-term vision of the product. It is always great to see how Alteryx is constantly improving its products and aligning themselves for the future.

These events are also a great platform to network with other analytics professionals and clients.  Talking to clients and other experts about data issues is always a major highlight. Billigence would like to thank Alteryx for hosting this event as well as all the enthusiastic participants interested in the future of analytics.

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