Alteryx Cloud | at a Glance

Alteryx Cloud | At a Glance

Traditionally, business have used on-premise data warehousing and data lake solutions that are costly, inflexible and require hours of in-house upkeep. The industry has been steadily moving toward to the cloud to ease these burdens however, the benefits don’t stop there. Moving to the cloud allows users to easily access data through a browser, democratising analytics and providing the ability to scale. 

Our partner, Alteryx, observed the analytics industry’s cloud-centric trends and created a four-product suite of consolidated solutions to meet customers where their data is – not the other way around. Alteryx Analytics Cloud is made up of Designer Cloud, Alteryx Auto Insights, Alteryx Machine Learning and Trifacta all of which are easy-to-use and together provide a unified set of capabilities for automated analytics. 

Designer Cloud is the only open and interactive cloud platform for data engineers and analysts to collaboratively profile, prepare, and pipeline data for analytics and machine learning.”

Designer Cloud

Designer Cloud is a familiar Alteryx Designer experience but now it’s available in browser. This means you can skip the installation process and democratise analytics across your organisation faster. Use Alteryx’s top tools for data prep, profiling and exploration to get answers from your data quickly. Best of all, you can share workflows with ease across Designer Desktop and Cloud with the seamless integration functionality. 

Alteryx Auto Insights

Let AI do the work for you, Alteryx Auto Insights finds insights hidden in your data and summarises them for you all within your browser. This tool works automatically to find data stories, anomalies and insights. Within seconds you can have summarised explanations to present your data effectively and efficiently. 

Alteryx Machine Learning

Use automated machine learning to make smarter data decisions. The completely guided user experiences mean analysts can get the benefits of machine learning without relying on data scientists. Machine learning doesn’t have to be hard; you can easily discover patterns and relationships then test scenarios with simulations. 


Trifacta is a combined cloud platform designed with all data users in mind, from IT to business owners. This multi-tenant, multi-cloud SaaS solution offers a rich set of connectors to access data and leverage the underlying cloud data warehouse so you can design, coordinate and automate your data pipelines. 

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