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Alteryx Training

Our specialists are well-versed in all aspects of Alteryx, allowing them to guide you in extracting the utmost value from the software. Select from our standard training packages or request a customised session, we are here to help.

Alteryx Training Programs

Basic Training

This training is designed for anyone working with Alteryx in a basic capacity, regardless of their experience.

  • Calendar
    2 - 3 Days
  • Students
    8 - 10 Participants / One Tutor


Introduction to Alteryx Designer 

  • Terminology and how to navigate the interface 
  • Settings for users and workflows
  • How Alteryx process data
  • How to save and share workflows
  • How to create an Analytics App and save it in the Alteryx Gallery Private Studio 

Connecting to Data Sources 

  • Files and databases. 
  • Dynamically load Excel sheets. 
  • Bulk load text-based files such as CSV 
  • Write back to the original data sources
  • Blend data from disparate sources 

Advanced Features 

  • Change field names and types  
  • Sort data and update fields based on conditions 
  • Organise and summarise data then arrange it in groups or categories. 
  • Parse data from one field into several  
  • Build expressions to add and update fields 

Advanced Training

This training is designed for Alteryx users at an intermediate level and higher, on account of the advanced analytical tools and methodologies being explored.

  • Calendar
    1 Day
  • Students
    8 - 10 Participants / One Tutor
  • tactical
    Advanced analytical functions
  • Dashboard
    Learn tools to elevate analytics capability


  • Data Investigation Tools 
  • Testing for Data Quality 
  • Advanced Parsing 
  • Fuzzy Matching 
  • Predictive Analytics 
  • Macro Development 
  • Analytics Apps 

Alteryx Server

This training is designed for Alteryx Server and Gallery administration users – either beginners or existing users needing a refresh.

  • Calendar
    1 Day
  • Students
    Participants and tutors are dependant of business requirements
  • Repair
    Technical maintenance
  • Reporting
    Understand performance, back-up, macros and more


  • Installation, configuration and architecture 
  • Gallery administration, publishing and sharing apps 
  • Centralising sources and scheduling workflows 
  • Alteryx Events, Help and service troubleshooting 
  • Firewall Rules configuration on Hosting Server 
  • Monitoring, backing up/replacing MongoDB
  • Manager Memory Issues in workflows
  • Documenting macros and best practices
  • Server APIs
  • Embedded analytics and guidelines for self-service deployments 

Custom Training

If you have a specific training request, please get in contact with more information and we will be in touch to see how we can help.

30 Days for Free. No Strings Attached.

Want to try it for yourself? Download your 30-day free trial below and get started on advanced analytics journey. If you decide you’re ready to implement Alteryx afterwards, our experts can help you get your licences organised and your implementation started.